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We have 90+ reviews on our Facebook Page. Here are just a few:

“Daisy lives for Wednesdays - she loves coming to K9 Zone and seeing her friends both human and doggie. She loves the activities and we all love the End of Year Celebrations...and thanks Jenn for persisting in her baths - we know she's a reluctant client when it comes to being groomed!.”

— Jo

“Jet goes to day care on a Wednesday and he absolutely loves it! 
Graham has been so patient with him to make him feel comfortable being left there during the day. 
I trust the team here 100% with my baby and I absolutely recommend K9 Zone!.”

— Madeleine

“Our handsome Opie and beautiful Heidi love going to K9 Zone.
It's their favourite day of the week.
They get to socialise and have fun with their friends.
Opie enjoys helping with puppy classes and Heidi's favourite person is Patrick. 
Thank you K9 Zone”

— Lianne

“Can’t speak highly enough! Daycare is awesome and Graham ensures my pup has such a safe and fun day. Murphy got his first full groom and he looks amazing! Jenn did such a professional job for a wriggly puppy!.”

— Shannon

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