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Our Staff


Owner, Dog Groomer.

Qualified in Dog Grooming, Animal Companionship, Animal First Aid & CPR


"I was raised on the Murray river with a golden retriever Pandy, a kelpie Spinner, and border collie Patch. I was with the dogs every day on the river - swimming playing fetch, bike riding, and even out on the river in a boat! Despite my affinity for animals I went on to undertake a hospitality apprenticeship which developed into a career  for many years, honing my customer service skills.


But I continued to want to work with dogs. So, in 2013 I went back to TAFE and  became certified in Animal Companionship & Dog Grooming, and opened a mobile dog grooming business. Due to customer demand for extended care in our area, in 2016 we decided to open K9"


Dog Day Care - Part Time 



Pat works part time at K9, helping out with day care, looking after the dogs, and on excursions and walks. Having just completed VCE, he is now undertaking  a trainee-ship through the Ican Program, where he will be assigned to schools mentoring younger children with Autism in the classroom setting and on camps

Pat has his own menagerie of animals at home including reptiles and amphibians, and the dogs at K9 all love him to bits!



Owner, Dog Daycare Specialist.

Qualified in Dog Behavioural Studies, Puppy School Instruction, Animal First Aid & CPR


"Growing up on 10 acres in Somerville, I helped my mum Anne start up Tree Top Cattery (still operating today).  


Anne also bred and showed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so I was always around dogs, and I helping out with cleaning and loved playing with the pets. 


Though running my own successful carpet cleaning business, I had always dreamed of working with dogs again, so when Jenn started her mobile grooming and mentioned customers were wanting day care,  we decided to leap in together and start K9. I got my certification in Dog Behavioural Studies, and then also Puppy School"

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