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 why should I socialise my puppy?

According to the RSPCA, "Proactively socialising your puppy is very important. Puppies have what is called a 'critical socialisation period' between approximately 3 -17 weeks of age. The puppy’s experiences during this critical period of learning and development can influence and shape their behaviour well into adulthood. Providing plenty of opportunities for socialisation and exposure to different environments during this time can help to ensure your puppy grows into a well-adjusted adult that relates well to other dogs, other animals and people.Socialising a pup must be done in a safe, social and positive environment such as that generally provided at a puppy school."

we can help

Graham is qualified in Dog Psychology and Training, as well as having undertaken training specifically for Puppy School Instruction and runs the Daycare side of K9 Zone as well as the Puppy Classes

Puppy school cerificate

our program

K9 Zone has a snuffle area especially set up for puppy socialisation and exposure, helping to create a safe space for off-lead interaction and play that builds puppies' confidence. Continued exposure to this kind of environment will increase your puppy's resilience and reduces anxiety and potential aggression in social situations.

customised approach

We also focus on a  more personalised one-on-one program to suit the breed and temperament of your puppy, by listening to your needs and helping you with issues you may want to focus on such as jumping, biting, or coming when called .


Over four 90 minute sessions,  Graham takes you through socialising and covers additional topics such as food safety, grooming, and basic commands. Classes are kept small to ensure personal attention.

The cost of each session is $35.00 and a graduation photo and certificate is provided upon completion of all four sessions.

In order to attend, fill out the form below. On or prior to first day of attendance, you will need to bring copies of your pup's vaccinations, flea/worming treatment, and a signed copy of our Indemnity Form


On completion and payment of all four classes, pups will also receive a free Short Stay Pass to use at your convenience any time within 6 months of graduation.

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*Please note there are some requirements before attendance is possible including signing a waiver/indemnity form. 

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Source #BR100606 as per http://animalwelfare.vic.gov.au/

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