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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use Doggy Day-Care?


Doggie Daycare is the perfect solution for those hectic times in our lives when our best friend needs a mini-holiday or being at home could cause anxiety:

  • open for inspection days when selling a house

  • children's parties

  • maintenance around house  e.g oiling a decking or building fencing

  • commuting to work during the week

  • appointments

  • day trips

  • getting your dog trained

  • stormy days with thunder & lightning 

  • extreme hot days

  • windy days

  • dog socialization  


Can I see K9 Zone before booking?

Absolutely, we encourage all dog owners to visit us, before making any booking for Day/Care or Grooming. Come and see our indoor play center and grooming salon, meet our staff, have a chat and bring your dog. Please call us on 53670099 for any inquires or drop by for a tour between Mon – Sat  9am - 4pm. 


I have a small dog, are they safe at K9 Zone?

Absolutely. Our play groups are divided according to both size and temperament of each dog. This ensures that each dog only plays with suitable playmates. All groups have constant supervision to maximize safety.


Will you feed my dog?

We only use premium pet food treats at K9 Zone. Due to the nature of their play and activities, we do not feed dogs a full meals unless on request, but instead reward good behaviour and training success with small treats.


Can I bring my dogs favourite toys, blanket, bed, etc?
We ask that all of your dogs belongings are left at home. In this way we must maintain fairness with all dogs visiting K9 Zone and do not accept any outside influences that may increase the risk of a dog being protective of his or her belongings.


What happens if a dog becomes dominating or aggressive?
Our first priority is the safety of all the dogs at K9 Zone so we have a special rest areas so dogs can be removed from the play area instantly if there is any sign of tension or aggressive behaviour.  

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