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Our designated arrival times are between 7am - 9am

This arrival time period allows for dog to greet old and new friends. As new chums are introduced, they are slowly given time to adjust to their new surroundings.


From 9am we have Play Time

This is an opportunity to release that morning energy with buddies of similar sizes and energy levels. Good high energy exercise with ball games and loads of cuddles will keep your dog engaged and happy. Staff carefully monitor play groups to ensure the safety and involvement of all dogs.


mid morning

Treats and training

After an energetic time playing all dogs get a treat and some basic training.


This is an opportunity for the dogs to wind down and relax

At K9 Zone we use the most up-to-date training techniques this includes some calming aromatherapy oils released into the air along with some gentle massage, cuddles and nap time.



Time to engage our visitors with more play

At K9 Zone we understand how important it is for your dog to be happy and engaged and there is no better way to do this than to have more playtime, including some basic positive training with treat balls and other interactive toys.

pickup time

Pickup time is from 4pm onwards 

From 4pm dogs are picked up and play groups become smaller, during this time we continue to monitor and engage with the dogs in our care so that at all times they are safe and looked after.  

*Please note senior and puppy schedules may vary to include more rest breaks.*

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