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Home Visits

Planning to go away for the holidays but don’t know what to do with your pups? K9 can help!

Quality pet care arrangements can be stressful, and sometimes a change of environment isn’t the best thing for your pets.

Our Home Visit service is deigned so that your animals can enjoy their own familiar surroundings while you are gone.

We can offer a Home Visit tailored to your needs.


Each 30 minute home visit includes:

  • feeding your animals

  • checking mail and security of your property

  • pats and company for your dog

  • toilet and medicate pets (as needed)

  • other tasks such as refill water bowls, bring in the mail, water your plants, turn on lights/radio/TV 

Image by Maria Di Lorenzo
Fat dog resting deeply funny with tongue

Taxi Service Also Available

Instead of a kennel, your pooch can play all day at K9 and stay home overnight - we take care of the details. Speak to our staff to get a quote - register your interest below, or call on 03 5367 0099 . 

Dog in Taxi Pedal Car. A Bichon Frise do
Home Visit Booking Enquiry
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Home Visit Booking request

*Please note there are some requirements before attendance is possible including signing a terms and conditions form

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